How to Choose a Diving Watch

If you’re in the marketplace for a modern diving watch, here are a few points you must consider before you buy.

How Much Water Resistance is Necessary

All diving watches are going to be water proof; they wouldn’t last for a moment otherwise.   Wrong!

A depth test is completed in restricted conditions, and the purpose is to test the water resistance rating of a diving watch. The tests are static and don’t consider environmental factors that could play into the water resistance of the watch. Primarily, they determine the resistance to water penetration assuming there’s no movement of the watch or the water, at a particular depth. These test conditions don’t mimic actual diving conditions where your watch is more than likely to be repeatedly jarred. When the diving watch is near the extremes of its depth rating these tests fall apart and the watch may fail.

To guarantee your diving watch doesn’t give out at your working depth, make sure that you buy a watch using a depth evaluation of at least twice the maximum depth to which you intend to dive. The companies want high depth ratings as these numbers somewhat reflect the durability of a watch so they want the rating to be as high as possible even if their is a lot of fine print in the disclaimer. So the two times rule protects you and is a good general rule for the consumer to follow!

Look closely at watch band on the Diving Watch

For a diving watch there are really three sorts of watch bands you should consider, they are rubber, titanium, and stainless steel.

If you’re thinking of a rubber watch band, make certain it is actually rubber and not some cheap imitation. Rubber watch bands are convenient since they stretch, so they’re able to surely be worn right on your wrist or even over your wet suit. One thing to think about if selecting a rubber diving watch band is that they cut easily. If you do wreck diving, you might want to think about a metal band.

If you choose a metal band, it should me made of titanium or stainless steel since these metals are immune to rust and corrosion. These alloys have been well tested over the years and all of them work great for diving watches. Of late, titanium has become the choice of divers. It is stronger and one half the weight of stainless steel. Make sure that the watch fits over wet suit, if it doesn’t, take a trip to the jeweler and have the band enlarged.

Which Should I Choose? An Electronic or Mechanical Watch

All watches are either analog or digital, an analog watch has hands that move, a digital has an electronic display. Which watch type is better for diving!

If you’re considering an analog type of watch, make certain it has a unidirectional bezel. This allows you to monitor your time underwater and make sure a feature is glowing luminescence so that you can read it in the dark waters and make sure you can read the numbers on the bezel.. Analog watches tend to be really fashionable, but they generally are inferior to digital watches for diving activities. Digital watches almost always offer a lot of complex functions which will assist divers in keeping track of their dive status. And digital watches are cheaper and generally react to shock better than an analog watch. Digital watches have no moving parts so as long as they react well to shock and have sufficient water resistance figurers they should perform better than an analog watch for diving. Less parts translates to more durability!

General Characteristics Necessary for a Diving Watch

Look for traits that will help in real dive conditions. Get a non-scratch crystal, scratches can lead to cracks which will let in water and can impact readability, make sure that the controls are big and that buttons are readily accessible, this is important if you wear gloves while diving. Make sure the watch is popular and a best seller, the best review of a watch is that a lot of people are buying it. Diving watches are popular becuase they work well.

So I hope these few tips help you out when you select a diving watch to purchase. Take a look around this site, we have many brands and models to choose from. Have fun diving and be safe!

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