Rewiew on smartwatches: Samsung Gear S3


At present time we can confirm that advances in the sphere of electronics and in  the field of engineering have made it possible for users to reach the maximum level of comfort  while using telecom service. Put it bluntly, such functional devices as smartwatches due to its characteristics can meet the demands of any user. The functions of many smartwatches include the following: message and calls reception, or the comlete activity monitoring of the user, or can measure, for e.g. pulse. So everyone can find smartwatches suited for all the requirements and are within the pocket of a user. So in this right article we would like to introduce one of the best watches 2016. And the hero is Samsung Gear S3.


The designers of Samsung did everything possible for their Gear S3 to look like classic watches. For many users it can remind brutal Casio G-Shock watches, but for those who prefer a milder style Samsung has developed Gear S3 Classic.

Samsung Gear S3 is complete with a large display, which is doubtless a good thing for notifications. Watchcase is made of steel. The dislpay is protected with Gorilla Glass SR+. The interface is quite simple with a circular pinion bezel. The user can quickly thumb all the information on the interface.

The watches can easily perform functions of a smartphone. One can download his or her favourite songs and listen to them via Samsung Gear S3. Besides, you can call, for e.g., your friends, respond to messages and use the function of navigation due to  the internal GPS.

Samsung Gear S3 is complete with Wi-Fi which makes it possible to connect the device to any network.

One can enjoy the function of the Fitness Tracking. It can be useful for those who want to know how much coffee or water he or she drinks, the number of steps made, to take pulse and so on. This function can really work for you, by helping to organize your day and phisical activity. Gear S3 can measure atmosphere pressure. If it is a low barometer, as it is indicated by Gear s3, you’d better go to sleep earlier and try to walk outside longer. If it is a high barometer, you’d better minimise your phisical activity.


In other words, Samsung Gear S3 possesses all the basic features that a modern user can demand from smartwatches. The watches have got a beautiful design, damage-proof enough, have got a range of useful options.

But at the same time it has got some drawbacks, from our point of view,  that for some users will be unnoticable, but for some they will really matter. So, we’ve noticed the following features of the Gear3 to think about before buying the device, that will be useful for you to have a look at:

1) A lot of words have been said about its design, but, you know  that tastes differ, there is no accounting for tastes. And it might have happened, of course, that not all users will enjoy the style of Samsung Gear S3;

2) Motion sensors work fine, but taking pulse rate has got some problems. In order to take a pulse, the user will have to catch in the strap close to his hand in order to get exact results;

3) If the potential user is a pro athelet, he or she won’t be satisfied with its work, it’s a gadget, not a measurer. It’s more for fun, the option of Fitness Tracking, than for a searious use;

4) In comparison with Android Wear, Samsung Gear S3 has got less apps;

5) The price for watches  is rather expensive, one can buy a good smartphone instead of it;

6) 4G LTE and calls come at an added monthly price.


Well, we hope that the information placed in the article was useful for you. Of course,Samsung Gear S3 is practically complete with all the things that are in demand among modern users. But if you want something more than just smartwatches, it cannot replace other devices in toto. But at the same time it’ll give firmness and oomph to its owner.

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Rewiew on smartwatches: S... At present time we can confirm that advances in the sphere of electronics and in  the field of engineering have made it possible for users to reach

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