The History Of The Pocket Watch

The history of the pocket watch is commonly neglected because during its development, numerous other changes were taking place. The pocket watch supplied us with the first mobile clocks providing us the power to know exactly what time it was anywhere we were. The pocket watch was a gadget that was very costly when it first appeared in the 16th century and only the rich could possess one.

In the 16th century watchs were impremented utilizing springs rather of weights, representing the transfer from a stationary clock to a smaller watch. Old pocket watches were the first precursor to the modern day wrist watches that anyone could afford and own. Previously, owning a timepiece was a status symbol which illustrated the wealth and power that a person held.

The 17th century made pocket watches much more available with a make over to the design. The watch had actually evolved from its initial boxy look into a new rounded and slimmer device. Craftsmen started working to produce designs which were smaller and more attractive.

In 1675 some watchmakers discovered the advantage of the spiral spring. By attaching the spiral spring to the balance, the accuracy of the pocket watch increased significantly. It was now possible to keep time accurate to the minute in contrast to being really inaccurate. With this brand-new discovery, the minute hand was born and featured on the face of the pocket watch.

The 18th century saw more enhancements to the pocket watch and additional developments and  functions which  increased the cost. Lubricants were utilized to smooth the motion and lubricate the hands of the watch. Jewels were beginning to be used for the bearings in watches while diamonds were utilized on the high priced watches. This increased the cost again and gave the rich and famous the opportunity to display their wealth and status.

In the middle of the 18th century a third hand was introduced to show time even more accurately. Watches were becomming even more accurate and the third hand displayed second. In 200 years timepieces were actually comming close to representing the correct time.

The 19th century brought extended competion to the watchmaking marketplace. This added quality to the marketplace, and resulted in lower pricing. The 19th century signified the peaking of the old pocket watch.

As time passed more technology developed which found it’s way into watchmaking and these signaled the demise of the pocket watch. While some old pocket watches are still around today, the wristwatch is the now the state of the art in timepiece technology. Today old pocket watches are found in  antique collections and almost nowhere else. While the pocket watch functioned as an useful device for many years, it now is almost completely retired and only found in the past.

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