Victorinox Watches for Men and Women

The Swiss have been known for mechanical precision. Victorinox watches for men and women are no exception. But even before they released Swiss Army watches, Victorinox had been well-known for a different product, the Swiss Army knife. This product was introduced in 1897.

Karl Elsener was the creator of Victorinox. He wanted to manufacture a product that would be in great demand. He wanted more than to just make money from producing his famous pocket knife , he wanted to supply jobs to the Swiss people. The Swiss Army knife soon became famous all over the world. Since the time of Lyndon Johnson, many Presidents of the United States have gifted their visitors with Swiss Army knives.

Victorinox began creating watches and the end result are the famous Swiss Military watches which became as popular as the Swiss Army knives. Over time, designs have evolved and various models are added to the line of Victorinox Swiss Army watches. The quality and pricing of these watches is exceptional. This has made the brand a standard in fine watches throughout the whole world. They have a loyal following which is constantly increasing!

Swiss Army watches bear no connection to Swiss Army knives except in the name and their quality. Take the “Vivante” collection for ladies for example, they are aesthetically attractive and are very dramatic pieces. You can even choose between steel or leather watch bands. Dials are made with mother – of – pearl and some of the pricier models are even adorned with diamonds.

If you are in busingess, your job may require you to meet standards in dress and you want a watch that really makes an impression. Your customers as well as the people you do business with will look at you in another light when you wear a watch from the Victorinox, Ambassador line. Look at the Victorinox, Active models, they have amazing specifications and are water resistant to  330 feet. Want something exceptional and monstrously exuberant? Extra special is the only way to describe their Legacy Reserve de Marche Platine. This wonderful timepiece was sold for about $20,000. There were only 60 of the watches made.

When it comes to Victorinox Swiss Army watches, there is one for everybody, and every Swiss Army watch comes with a three year guarantee. Remember, you’re not only getting any old watch, you are buying a quality product with a longstanding track record of reliability behind it. It’s exactly this reliability that makes it so precious. Not only is it lasting, it really is appealing at the same time. It makes a great present for someone you care about. It might even be seen as a private investment as its worth will only increase over time. There’s no reason to consider another brand. Timekeeping is raised into a lovely art from these stunning watches and you definitely won’t regret your selection when you glance at your watch to tell some time.

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